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Tickets can be purchased from the following locations:

·         Online at Horton.tickit.ca

·         At the KOA campground office

·         At the Horton Township office

·         Regular Weekend Passes only can be purchased at Metro in Renfrew

·         Online by Visa or Mastercard

·         At KOA Campground Office by cash, credit, debit

·         At the Township office cash only

·         At Renfrew Metro cash only

• We ask you keep the peace and quiet after 2:00AM as not to disrupt nearby campers.
• All campers are expected to be courteous to those around them.
• Festival camping is only for 19 and over
• All campers are required to purchase event tickets.
• A maximum of 4 persons allowed per site 
• All vehicles and persons will be subject to search upon entering the grounds and prohibited items must be surrendered.
• All campground occupants must wear their event wristband at all times.
• Campers over the age of 19 are allowed one bulk item per person. A bulk item is defined as one 24-case (cans) of beer, one 26oz. bottle of alcohol or one 4L of wine, anything above and beyond the allowable limits will be surrendered.
• No more than one bulk alcohol items per person in aluminum or plastic containers only. No glass containers of any kind.
• No tents with sponsorship-branding or logos of any kind.
• No pets are allowed in the camping grounds or into the main entertainment area, with the exception being service animals with current rabies vaccination.
• No drugs or drug paraphernalia.
• Any item that can be used as a weapon is strictly prohibited.
• No non-rounded knives — steak knives, butcher blocks, etc. should be left at home. Please pre-cut all meats and other items that may require knives and scissors.
• No open flame, with the exception being small cooking appliances – propane only.
• No fireworks, paper (floating) lanterns, incendiary devices or any type of explosive are prohibited.
• No generators of any kind
• No amplified sound systems.
• No golf carts or other motorized modes of transportation.
• No mudding or cruising around the campsite.
• Any person operating or riding in a motorized vehicle in the campgrounds or any roadway, which is not leaving is subject to immediate eviction from the event without refund.
• Occupying the box (back) of a pickup truck is prohibited, anyone found occupying the box of a pickup truck will be evicted from the event.
• No drones or remote-operated, and/or autonomous vehicles of any kind.
• No tiki torches or excessive amounts of fuel.
• Any items that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd, and/or inflict damage to people and goods.

Cooking appliances are to be used under the following conditions.
• Only use propane as the primary fuel. Propane container must not exceed 1 pound. Max (3) 1 pound containers per campsite,
• Only one (1) cooking appliance per campsite.
• Must bear a certification from a nationally-recognized certification agency.
• Maximum amount of propane per campsite may not exceed 3 pounds.
• One meter (1m) of clearance must be kept around the appliance at all times.
• Appliances may only be used from 7AM-2AM.
• When in-use, appliances may not be left unattended.

·         Day Pass grants general admission for one day to the grounds for one person

o   Until June 18th a day pass will cost $30 plus fees and taxes

o   From June 19 to July 17 a day pass will cost $40 plus fees and taxes

o   At the Gate a day pass will cost $50 plus fees and taxes


·         Weekend Pass grants general admission for one person to the grounds both days

o   Until June 18th a weekend pass will cost $50 plus fees and taxes

o   From June 19 to July 17th a weekend pass will cost $60 plus fees and taxes

o   At the gate a weekend pass will cost $70 plus fees and taxes


·         VIP Weekend Pass grants VIP access to the festival for one person both days

o   Your VIP pass also gives you access to a reserved area close to the stage and servers to bring you your drinks

o   Until June18th a VIP weekend pass will cost $99 plus fees and taxes

o   From June 19th to July 17th a VIP weekend pass will cost $109 plus fees and taxes

o   At the gate a VIP weekend pass will cost $119 plus fees and taxes


Gates open at 5pm and the beer garden will remain open until 1am

 On the stage Friday will be:

o   Rainwater Whiskey

o   Owen Barney

o   Bobby Wills

The Beer Garden will feature Braedon Vincent


Gates open  at noon and the beer garden will be open until 1am

On the stage Saturday will be:

o   Timberline

o   Ransom

o   Big City Lights

o   Brea Lawrenson

o   Tebey

The Beer Garden will feature Country Reflections

Saturday will also feature a craft show which will be open from 8am to 8pm. The craft show will be open to the public from 8am until noon, after noon a concert ticket  will be required to enter the craft show.

We all get wet!  The show will go on unless it becomes unsafe to proceed.  Come prepared for the weather.

KOA Campground Renfrew
The official campground of the Horton Hoedown!  To book camping please call the KOA at (613) 432-6280 or visit their website: https://koa.com/campgrounds/renfrew/

Days Inn & Conference Centre 
The official hotel partner of the Horton Hoedown!  To book your stay contact them at (613) 432-8109 or visit their website: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/en-ca/days-inn/renfrew-ontario/days-inn-and-conference-centre-renfrew/overview?CID=LC:DI:20160927:Rio:Local

Limited parking will be available on site.  The KOA campground will be charging a fee of $7.00 to park on site.

We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of positions. We will be hosting a volunteer meeting on June 23rd at 7pm at the Horton Community Center. This is a great way to fill your community hours for school! Please email info@hortonhoedown.com for more information.

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us at info@hortonhoedown.com for more information.